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  • Tavernier B-C, Paire-Ficout L, Charnay P, Tardy H, Izaute M, Silvert L, Hours M. Emotional experiences one year after a traffic accident: An exploratory study of verbatim accounts of the ESPARR cohort. Injury Prevention. 2017: 12.
  • Lieutaud T, Gadegbeku B, Ndiaye A, Chiron M, Viallon V. The Decrease in Traumatic Brain Injury Epidemics Deriving from Road Traffic Collision Following Strengthened Legislative Measures in France. Plos one. November, 28 2016: 19.
  • Billot-Grasset A, Amoros E, Hours M. How cyclist behavior affects bicycle accident configurations? Transportation Research Part F Traffic Psychology and Behaviour. November 2016, 41: 261-276.
  • Auriault F, Brandt C, Chopin A, Gadegbeku B, Ndiaye A, Balzing M-P, Thollon L, Behr M. Pregnant women in vehicles: Driving habits, position and risk of injury. Accident Analysis and Prevention. 2016, 89: 57-61.
  • Tournier C, Hours M, Charnay P, Chossegros L, Tardy H. Five years after the accident, whiplash casualties still have poorer quality of life in the physical domain than other mildly injured casualties: analysis of the ESPARR cohort. BMC Public Health. January 5 2016. Lire la suite »

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