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Auteur Equipe de recherche Titre Date de parution Editeur
Moskal A Martin JL, Laumon B Helmet use and the risk of neck or cervical spine injury among users of motorized two-wheel vehicles
14(4) : 238-44
août, 2008 Injury Prevention
Haddak M Licaj I, Hours M, Chiron M Deprived neighborhoods and risk of road trauma (incidence and severity) among under 25 year-olds in the Rhône Département (France) Journal of Safety Research
42(3) : 171-176
Haddak M Licaj I, Pochet P, Chiron M Contextual deprivation, daily travel and road traffic injuries among the young in the Rhône Département (France)
43(5) : 1617-1623
2011 Accident Analysis and Prevention
Chossegros L Hours M, Charnay P, Bernard M, Fort E, Boisson D, Sancho P-O, Yao SN, Laumon B Predictive factors of chronic post-traumatic stress disorder 6 months after a road traffic accident. Accident Analysis and Prevention
43(1) : 471-477
Javouhey E Guerin AC, Chiron M Incidence and risk factors of severe traumatic brain injury resulting from road accidents : a population-based study
38(2) : 225-33
mars, 2006 Accid Anal Prev
Javouhey E Guerin AC, Amoros E, Haddak M, Ndiaye A, Floret D, Chiron M. Severe outcome of children following trauma resulting from road accidents
165(8) : 519-525
août, 2006 Eur J Pediatr
Hours M Fort E, Charbotel B, Chiron M Jobs at risk of work-related road crashes : An analysis of the casualties fron the Rhône Road Trauma Registry (France)
49 : 1270-1276
2011 Safety Science
Amoros E Chiron M, Thélot B, Laumon B The injury epidemiology of cyclists based on a road trauma registry
11 : 653
2011 BMC – Public health
Gadegbeku B Chiron M, Ndiaye A, Laumon B Victimes d’accidents de la circulation : quelles évolutions ? Registre du Rhône, France
47 : 477-84
2010 BEH lien
Amoros E Chiron M, Martin JL, Thélot B, Laumon B Bicycle helmet wearing and the risk of head, face and neck injury : a French case-control study based on a road trauma registry 2011 Injury Prevention
Laumon B Les apports de la recherche pour la prévention. La Lettre de l’Observatoire Régional de la Santé Rhône-Alpes
octobre, 2001